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Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival Workshops


Interactive dance and performance workshops by Deaf Artists Nataly Barahona, Matt Maxey, Dani Duran, and Ronnie Bradley.

Deaf Community Center (DCC)
1550 San Leandro Blvd, San Leandro, CA

Aug 7th 7:00-9:30 pm ( You can Join and Leave anytime)

Each class is $8 dollars or $20 for the night for 4 workshops!
All proceeds go to the teaching artists to support their travel.

Workshops ONE:
Afro Colombian Dance
Nataly Barahona (Colombia) -
Aug 7th 7:00-7:45 pm

Description about workshop:
The Afro-Colombian dance workshop will draw a space of corporeality and expression of Afro-Colombian roots, which will allow participants to approach the stories of the ancient slave peoples, and their succession to that, the complicity of miscegenation in Colombia as a value of freedom. Participants will only need to bring comfortable clothes, a sweat towel and plenty of water.

Workshop TWO:
Interpreting hip hop into ASL with
Matt Maxey of Deafintely Dope (Georgia)
--Aug 7th-7:45-8:30pm

Description about workshop:
You will learn the process of breaking down a hip hop song with slang into ASL and the creative process behind determining which signs fit best in clearly explaining lyrics. The participants will then take that knowledge to apply into interpreting music in general. Participants need to bring a positive attitude and a desire to learn!

Workshop THREE:
Jazz Theatrical
Dani Duran (LA, California)
Aug 7th 8:30-9:15 pm

Description about workshop:
You will learn basic jazz theatrical broadway inspired by the movie, Chicago! Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and/or any comfortable jazz shoes.

Workshop FOUR:
African Dance
Ronnie Bradley (Washington DC)
Aug 7th 9:15-10:00 pm

Description about workshop:
You will be learning the cultural aspects of the dance. Ronnie will teach the roots of dance from Mali and West Senegal. Bring your towel and plenty of water!